GameAccount Provides Players an Immersive Gaming Expirence

Daniel Lindsey Commercial Director at GameAccount Network knows games and the gaming market. He shared some of those insights with Jack Baluvsky, Special Assignment Correspondent Las Vegas for Casino Life.

You have some 200 slots from the world’s leading game manufacturers. What types of games are most popular?  What do players like to play?

I think what’s important to note is that as a truly open invitation platform, GameAccount Network has the ability to offer slot content from many of the major manufacturers.  We offer them a realistically quick and cost effective route to our expansive, well established and growing network of operator partners around the world.  In turn, our operator partners have access to, and can freely choose whichever slot content they desire.  This means together we can quickly identify and deploy the right games for the right markets, and that’s essential in an ultra-competitive marketplace.

It’s no secret that it’s a competitive marketplace for online slots, that’s no different from the land based environment, a great game will prove its worth by giving players an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience whatever they are looking for.

What differences are there in players throughout Europe meaning does the Italian play differently than a Spaniard or someone in London?

It’s probably slightly unfair to try and segment players according to geography but rather focus on what game types appeal to different player demographics.  People seek different experiences from playing slots games; some may be looking for ‘time on device’ whereas other players are interested in a rather more potentially rewarding experience.  With over 200 slot games for our customers to choose from across the spectrum of game category, feature frequency, hit rate, theme and volatility, we can carefully craft the right game mix to ensure there is something to appeal to everyone.  We also think it’s really important that players can enjoy the same games online that they can in land based venues.  In essence we can quite simply lift a land based floor into the online space: nobody else can do this as efficiently and as effectively as GameAccount.

The Company has developed an Internet gaming enterprise software system, GameSTACK™. Your press release said it licenses to online and land-based gaming operators as a turn-key technology solution for both regulated real-money and simulated online gaming. Can you define and discuss this a bit more?

Very simply, we offer a total eGaming solution for licensed operators in regulated markets globally.  We also have a unique simulated gaming offering for land based operators in pre-regulated jurisdictions which allows them to offer a total eGaming product to their customers, connected via integration into the existing Casino Management System, ahead of monetized regulations.  Operating away from Facebook, using a Freemium model, players buy virtual credits to play with.  It’s been hugely popular in the US and the operators don’t need to pay 30% of their revenues back to Facebook!  It’s no secret that land based casino operators face a new and stealthy competitor, their land based slot suppliers – a variety of which offer social gaming products targeting their land based customers’ GameAccount can continue with an agnostic approach as we only offer a complementary product suite.

How popular is online gaming? Where or what is its future?

I don’t think your readers need to me to answer this question, I’d probably suggest what’s more relevant is the explosive popularity of mobile products and gaming solutions.

Along the same line, is gaming and betting in general a good growth industry. Is it going to continue to grow?

Unfortunately I can’t predict the future.  Market forces will do that.

How often do you get to the U.S.? How do you view the gaming market in the U.S?

Usually only once or twice a year for events.  We have a fully embedded US based team who are doing a great job.  My remit covers everything outside of North America.  But given that only three states currently have legislation in place for online gaming, I’d suggest there’s a whole lot of potential there combined with the roll out of our Simulated Gaming product.

Any business needs to grow and expand. What is in the future for GameAccount Network?

After a successful listing on the London Stock Exchange (AIM; GAME.L) in November 2013 we are growing rapidly.  With that comes a new set of challenges for our business which we are currently embracing.  Our entire technical development team is based in our central London premises.  Every line of code is written there; we are trusted by our content and operational partners; we do things the right way; and have a totally clean US record which has allowed us to gain a New Jersey DGE license and power the operation there.  

We also power the largest land based casino’s simulated gaming offering and have executed contracts with other US based operators to do the same.  We serve content into over 60% of the regulated Italian market and have a strong regulated .com business stream.  The business has a heritage in skill gaming going back to 2003, but now has clearly emerged as a very powerful, innovative force in eGaming.  We have a young and dynamic technical team combined with a hugely experienced management team and a strong financial position.  I’d suggest the future is looking very good for our business.