The European casino market is a great business to be in. It may be changing and demanding, yet for the right companies there are opportunities to be taken. Even taking into account changing demographics and the increase in mobile and online gaming, land-based casino gaming remains a popular freetime activity for millions of people. One company stands out for its increasing popularity – Ainsworth. Its games and cabinets have captured the hearts of many players in Europe and the demand for Ainsworth gaming solutions continues to grow.

Increasing demand has the natural positive effect on team numbers. Thus, the Ainsworth team is proud to welcome two further new staff: Mr. Ben Challenor and Mr. Stephen Miller.

Image L2R  Stephen Miller & Ben Challenor 

Ben Challenor is well known and respected in the gaming industry thanks to his time spent at Clarion, supporting the ICE team in London. His proactive approach, visiting exhibitors around Europe to understand their needs further helped improve the exhibition quality. After having spent almost four years at Clarion, Mr. Challenor explained his move to Ainsworth, “I am incredibly excited about joining such a globally recognised brand and one that is so well known across the gaming industry. There are excellent opportunities for us to grow even further within Europe”.

Stephen Miller has a proven track record as an entrepreneur, a person who places customers first. After playing a key role in the family company for almost twenty years, Mr. Miller entered the gaming industry in 1997. He has amassed experience for a UK gaming machine operator, spent three years as a slot manager for a cruise line company and spent twelve years based in the Netherlands for a major slot machine company. The mix of technical, product and sales experience makes him the ideal person to embody the position of Product Manager at Ainsworth UK. Mr. Miller himself comments, “I had been noticing at the gaming shows the forward development of the Ainsworth games and cabinets and I have been very impressed. There is one important thing with being a Product Manager, love and believe in your product. This is not difficult to accomplish working for Ainsworth as we have a great product that can compete in a very challenging market”.

Mr. Robert Dykstra, Managing Director of Ainsworth (UK) Ltd, himself comments, “It is key for our customers that they have highly professional service and support at Ainsworth. Thus, I am very pleased to have gained two such strong personalities for our team who are dedicated and proactive and bring with them a wealth of knowledge, each in their own field.  I am proud to say that the fact that we have such strong products and are continually focusing on developing ever better gaming solutions results  that we can attract top people to our company – all for the benefit of our customers. Ben and Stephen both have excellent credentials and are very excited about growing our business.”