Another successful exhibition for Alfastreet at SAGSE Panama







At Alfastreet they were very pleased with this year’s participation at SAGSE Panama, where they exhibited their best and latest products. Not only were they able to greet many visitors at their booth but they also received quite a lot of positive feedback for their products.

Panama is one of the markets where Alfastreet’s leading marketing position is very much visible. After all, many of their products are also installed in Panamian casinos. 

One of the most popular gaming machines there has been Alfastreet’s R8 roulette, which was recently renewed, upgraded and offers many additional features.

Beside R8, many other Alfastreet’s products were also present at SAGSE show, such as R4 roulette, SL single terminal, Derby, Multigame etc. Visitors were also able to test them first hand, as the machines were connected to live and automated games.

This year marks Alfastreet’s 20th anniversary, which is a great recognition for the company. Their success has been a result of hard work, continuous development and improvements. Because of the anniversary, also their booth at SAGSE carried the celebratory spirit, and the company's team made sure that all of the visitors were warmly greeted and able to see the latest and most advanced of their products.