LAS VEGAS, May 8, 2014 — Casino Enterprise Management magazine awarded Bally Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: BYI) (“Bally”) five of the six honors in the 2014 Hospitality Operations Technology (HOT) Awards.

It makes the second year in a row that HOT Award judges have recognized numerous Bally products. Last year, Bally took four of the six honors in the annual contest recognizing leading game-technology products that make a positive difference in a casino-hotel’s operations. Bally has won at least four awards in the competition each year since 2011. In total, Bally has earned more than 80 awards for gaming innovation in the past four years.

The submissions were judged by a panel of expert judges including several casino and hospitality executives. Bally’s winning products are:

  • ALPHA 2 Pro Wave for Revenue Generation
  • Take ‘n Play for Guest Experience Enhancement
  • Mobile Credits for Self-Service Products
  • CoolSign 8K Video Wall Controller for Media and Content Management
  • Elite Bonusing Suite’s Social Link for Internet Services

“After being recognized in four of the six categories last year, we’re proud to top ourselves again with wins in five out of the six categories,” said Bally Technologies’ Bryan Kelly, Senior Vice President of Technology. “These awards reflect our continued commitment to developing trailblazing products that offer new and thrilling gaming experiences for players while increasing efficiencies and competitive advantages for operators.

The ALPHA 2 Pro Wave is the industry’s first platform with a concave LCD monitor. The cabinet’s curved 40-inch touchscreen monitor brings a whole new look and feel to casino floors, while providing optimal viewing and increased interaction for players. Many of Bally’s games for the Pro Series V22/22and V32 can be played on the Wave. In addition, four additional titles have been developed specifically for the Wave to take advantage of its superior high-resolution gameplay.

Bally’s Take ‘n Play is a remarkable new product that enables players to take their game “on the go” for the first time by playing a physical slot machine on the convenience of a tablet. Take ‘n Play is the industry’s first technology that allows the same slot machine game to be played in more than one location by streaming the game content directly from the slot machine to a tablet. This product provides casinos with an easy, convenient solution for players who get up and leave their machine, while continuing to play.

Mobile Credits is the industry’s first technology that empowers players to manage their gaming funds directly from their mobile device. This groundbreaking technology enables players to load credits onto their game from a mobile phone or tablet, removing the need to visit an ATM or carry vouchers around on the casino floor. With this simple solution, casinos can increase coin-in by reducing the time spent away from a game while players visit an ATM or redeem vouchers.

The next generation CoolSign 8K Video Wall Controller has quadrupled the previous power of Bally’s CoolSign media-management solution by enabling unprecedented 4x4 video with multiple regions of content playback using any 1080p monitor – with absolutely no loss of resolution. That means up to 16 individual screens cans be used for an astonishing 8,000-by-4,000 pixel quality. The CoolSign Video Wall Controller increases efficiency and decreases cost for casino operators because no intermediary device is needed.

Social Link is a pioneering new Elite Bonusing Suite feature that posts directly from a slot game to a casino’s Facebook page, enabling casinos to integrate bonusing events with their social media. Social Link is a cost-effective social media solution that encourages a whole new level of player engagement and drives increased excitement for promotions.

About Bally Technologies, Inc.

Founded in 1932, Bally Technologies (NYSE: BYI) provides the global gaming industry with innovative games, table game products, systems, mobile, and iGaming solutions that drive revenue and provide operating efficiencies for gaming operators.  For more information, please visit  Connect with Bally on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.