Commercial Intelligence Head Geoffrey Dixon called as expert witness during Pennsylvania Democratic Policy Committee hearing


London (2nd May 2014): Geoffrey Dixon, Head of Insights from Commercial Intelligence (CI) was requested to testify before Pennsylvania House Democrats on Thursday, May 1, and to present findings of the ground-breaking survey CI conducted amongst 506 New Jersey online gamblers. Dixon's presentation focused on issues around the migration from un-licensed to licensed sites, player demographics, comparison between online and land-based play and the impact of online play on engagement with land-based casinos.

Members of the Democratic Policy Committee were keen to learn more about enforcement measures after they heard that 65% of respondents had gambled online before legal gambling launched in NJ in November 2013 and around 64% of those players still choose to gamble on un-licensed sites.

The CI presentation also pointed at a strong correlation between land-based and online play. 21% of respondents started playing in land-based casinos between end of November, when legal iGaming was launched in New Jersey, and the third week of January, the time of the survey. The prevailing majority of online players also stated that a possibility to redeem rewards at a land-based casino was important to their decision to play on a specific site. 83% of players who started playing only recently online declared that they expect to visit land-based casinos at least as frequently as before, if not more often.

Following his presentation Geoffrey Dixon said: "As a team we were delighted to be able to provide some robust empirical evidence to help guide the debate. Pennsylvania, with its large and well performing gaming industry, is watching closely the performance of recently launched internet gambling operations in the neighbouring states. As for legislators in many other states looking for ways to raise additional tax revenue, New Jersey is a test bed of the potential for revenue generation via internet gaming, possible social impacts and effect on the existing land-based industry. We are grateful to Chairwoman Rosita Youngblood for allowing us to present the findings from New Jersey and hope that they will inform the legislators as they’re gathering information on internet gambling."

The second wave of the NJ players’ survey, designed to track the evolution of players’ behaviour and to expand on some of the areas, is planned for late May and its results will be released in June exclusively to the attendees of the 14th Global iGaming Congress & Expo (July 14-16, San Francisco, CA, part of the event’s Consumer Insight focus), and to the wider audiences after the July event.

About Commercial Intelligence

Commercial Intelligence (CI) is the market research joint venture between Clarion Events and market research company Vivid Interface. Its mission is to deliver highly targeted industry reports and consumer insights, driven by market needs.  The reports published so far include: ‘Getting ready to fly. Commercial opportunities in the USA’, ‘Awareness, Attitudes and Motivations – UK Mobile Gaming 2013’ and ‘New Jersey Player Survey. A test bed for iGaming in the USA’. Commercial Intelligence also undertakes bespoke research projects on behalf of clients.To download a snapshot of the ‘NJ Players’ Survey’ report, click here