DRGT receives great customer feedback at Casino Bad Homburg in Germany



Customer testimonials play a major role. Glowing testimonials are even more important. The feedback from the management on DRGT systems goes a long way to explain just why DRGT is the global gaming industry’s fastest growing systems company.

Casino Bad Homburg is situated in the heart of Germany, close to Frankfurt, the European banking centre. This casino is situated within woodlands and spa buildings. This casino has plenty of tradition to boast as it was inaugurated in 1841 by the Blanc brothers; being the meeting point for aristocracy, including the Russian poet Dostojewski. Management is taking this traditional casino into the future with the introduction of cashless gaming. Competition was strong and DRGT won the tender in install cashless gaming throughout the casino which went live in February of this year.

Christian Kreyer & Lutz Schenkel of Casino Bad Homburg with Joost Van Egeraat from DRGT

A decision for a systems supplier is a long-term decision. Thus, the right decision has to be made. The right decision is for DRGT. Mr. Lutz Schenkel, Managing Director at Casino Bad Homburg, explained the choice for cashless, “Cashless gaming is like a room with a view. That means it is the best for our customers because cashless gaming gives us almost endless opportunities to communicate with and reward our customers. It can be used as the player casino entrance card, for cashless gaming, for bonusing, for jackpots and more. A decision for cashless gaming is a decision with the future in mind”.

Opportunities abound with cashless, card-based gaming. Casino Bad Homburg offers its guests a variety of slot machines from different manufacturers and of differing ages. “The first goal is to be able to connect a system to all the slots on the floor. As a pure systems company, our goal is to connect all slots so that older ones do not have to be replaced. In short, we focus on the systems sale and do not combine this with machine sales. We are known as the company that connects all slots and we have done this at Casino Bad Homburg”, explained Mr. Joost van Egeraat, Sales Director for EMEA at DRGT.

DRGT is already the reference company in the German casino market with a long-standing working relationship with the casinos in the most northern German state, Schleswig-Holstein. These casinos originally implemented SiP cashless which today has been integrated within DRGT. As a previous director of this company, Mr. Schenkel already brought experience of working together with DRGT to Casino Bad Homburg. “DRGT is a trusted systems supplier with excellent technology. Yet that was not the entire reason why we chose DRGT. We wish to develop this technology and rely on professional support. This support is ongoing – card-based cashless offers so many opportunities and we will explore these together with DRGT – for the benefit of our customers. We are extremely pleased with the service from DRGT, indeed we see DRGT as our systems partner and not just our systems supplier. We look forward to increasing the card popularity at our casino together with DRGT’s help”.

Since installing the DRGT card-based cashless system, management has continually trained staff and informed customers of its benefits. The fact that practically 85 percent of players are loyal customers was a further reason to introduce this system. “Our customers appreciate the ease of use. It has been well accepted. Today we are seeing our turnover rising again. Our customers are paying us back for our investments in the future; the right investments and for cashless systems this is most definitely DRGT”, concluded Mr. Schenkel.