Enjoy a Poker night out with free dining courtesy of The Casino at The Empire





Starting in June, players can enjoy a great game of poker with friends with the burgers, fries and beers thrown in with the compliments of The Empire Poker Room.   Just bring along three friends or more who aren’t existing Poker Rewards members to qualify.

This promotion is ideal for both existing Poker Rewards customers and those new to the game.  For first timers, the Empire team will provide a free, ten minute ‘Learn to Play ‘ session to help budding players get on their way.  For regular players, the promotion gives an ideal opportunity to introduce friends to the exciting and challenging game of poker and enjoy delicious food and drink in luxurious surroundings.

A night out at the Empire Poker Room makes a welcome change from nightclubbing and also offers great value for money.  You can buy into a game for as little as £50, and with blinds starting from £1/£2, you can enjoy the evening without raising the stakes too high.

Claiming the offer is simple – just visit reception on arrival with your voucher to be seated at your table.  The offer is available 24/7 until June 30th 2014 and with a fantastic variety of games on offer every day, why play anywhere else?

Terms and Conditions Apply.  See below for further details and full tournament schedule.



£30 Freezeout

5k chips, 20 minute clock


£25 + £5 Bounty

5k chips, 30 minute clock


£40 Double Chance

3k + 3k chips, 20 minute clock


£50 Freezeout

10k chips, 20 minute clock


£20 Rebuy

1.5k chips, 3k add-on, 20 minute clock


£20 Rebuy

1.5k chips, 3k add-on, 20 minute clock

SUNDAYS 2pm (this will not run on the second Sunday of each month)

£50 Freezeout

10k chips, 25 minute level