Genii awarded Class 4 Remote Gaming Licence by LGA

London: September 22nd 2014 – Genii – a new gaming technology provider focused on building the next generation online gaming platform – has been awarded a Class 4 Remote Gaming Licence by the Lotteries & Gaming Authority in Malta.

The licence was granted on Wednesday 10th September and Genii is already providing the software to a recently launched UK casino, Casino Dukes.

Genii boasts a portfolio of over 125 online casino games which are either available individually (games only) or as part of a full solution offering. The games portfolio is cross-platform, and available within native download applications for Windows or Mac or with no download and playable in any web browser.

The company also has a large portfolio of 50 mobile games that are all available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

The Genii platform runs on a real-time engine co-developed with Microsoft, storage innovators Fusion-io and infrastructure giant Dell. This engine powers all transactions and reporting guaranteeing no delay or lag. The hybrid architecture embraces the best of on-premise and cloud technologies to achieve a highly scalable and fault tolerant distributed platform capable of rapid evolution.

Dinesh Choudree, CEO of Genii, said:

“It’s been a long road, but we’re over the moon that we’ve now got our Class 4 licence from the LGA and are live with our first operator. The casino supplier market is clearly very competitive but we are confident that we have a significant differentiation from the other suppliers out there.

“The Genii platform has been in development for the past two years and our portfolio of games is as extensive, if not more so, than the main players in the industry. We look forward to meeting lots of operators over the next few months and demonstrating how Genii can help them boost turnover and increase player engagement and loyalty.”

About Genii

 Genii is a gaming technology provider focused on building the next generation online gaming platform. The company is steered by a team of entrepreneurs that have led the field, both in the business of gaming and technological innovation, since the 1990s.

 Genii is founded on the recognition that the online gaming industry is fast maturing and that the space it occupies today is vastly different from the early days. There is a culture of innovation ingrained within the organisation, but not innovation for innovation’s sake. Innovation that works, enhances and improves.

 Genii has developed, licensed and integrated a suite of individually-available products which together form a full and comprehensive leading solution for an online gaming operation.