iDROP – the most complete innovation to link live gaming and slots

One of the most popular casinos in the Czech Republic – Casino Strážný – reports of the great, positive major impact the iDROP has had on their business. The iDROP from Austria’s APEX gaming has seen turnover on live gaming increase by 20% in the space of a few weeks with the slots income remaining constant.

The iDROP is the new way to link live and slots gaming. It is a compact unit that enables tickets to be used in live gaming. Thus, the barrier between live and slots gaming has been removed – tickets can now be used on the complete gaming floor. It contains a banknote reader with bunch note feed capabilities and a ticket printer alongside a touchscreen display.

Here is how it works: Live gaming players can give their ticket to the dealer in exchange for jetons. The player can specify how much money should be exchanged into jetons. If only a part of the ticket should be exchanged, the dealer then gives the change to the player in the form of a new ticket. Naturally the iDROP accepts cash and the player can exchange cash for jetons. The dealer can place a bundle of notes into the iDROP – the iDROP then validates and stores each and every note individually. When the player wishes to cash out, then the dealer gives the winnings in ticket form – via the iDROP.

The iDROP has major benefits for both players and operators. Summing up these benefits:

Player Benefits

  • Tickets can now be used over the complete gaming floor – not only for slots, but also for live gaming.This gives the player the freedom to choose where to play – moving freely between slots and live gaming without having to go to the cash desk to exchange tickets in tokens and vice versa.
  • Promotional tickets can now be used on both slots and live gaming.
  • Players save time – they do not need to go to the cash desk to get jetons – only to cash out (which can also be done on a redemption machine).

Operator benefits

  • Increased profits – a measured increase in customer satisfaction = increased turnover and profits. At Casino Strážný in the Czech Republic, introducing the iDROP had a massive 20% positive effect on turnover.
  • Secure – firstly: all banknotes and tickets are validated and stored in the iDROP. False notes are rejected and so cannot cause any harm. Secondly, dealers have no access to this cash.
  • HOLD control – the operator has immediate statistics on the iDROP contents – how many bank notes of which denomination and how many tickets of which value.
  • Complete accounting details – this information is provided by the APEX accounting software. Thus, operators have instant information on the iDROP contents – including the number of different notes and tickets. The operator thus knows how much money is in the iDROP before it is emptied.
  • Connects to any slot accounting system – APEX has designed the iDROP to connect with any slot accounting system via SAS.
  • Works even if no slot accounting system is installed – the APEX accounting software gives full details of the iDROP
  • Fast – the dealer can place a bulk of notes into the iDROP – the iDROP does the rest automatically.
  • Simple – the touchscreen display makes it friendly and simple for dealers to use.
  • Time saving – dealers can focus more on the customers as the iDROP works automatically
  • Flexible – should the operator need to more money for a hand pay-out, the instant information on the iDROP contents means that the operator knows exactly which iDROP to go to in order to remove the cash.
  • Promotions – promotional tickets can now be used for the entire gaming floor
  • Dealer friendly – the iDROP can also be used as a tip box for dealers

Casino Strážný General Manager, Mr. Dieter Bettschar, comments on the difference the iDROP is making to his operations, “This is the product we have all been waiting for. I see how my customers feel more at ease as there are now no barriers between live gaming and slots. My dealers are very happy as the iDROP is so simple to use. And for me, well I have instant control, knowing the exact contents in each iDROP. I knew it would make a difference – but such a difference with a 20% measured increase – well, that is simple amazing. This is a true win-win for all of us all”.

APEX gaming will be exhibiting the iDROP at the forthcoming G2E Las Vegas – at stand # 4833. Mr. Johannes Weissengruber, founder and CEO of APEX gaming, sends out a warm welcome, stating, “The feedback on the iDROP is simple phenomenal. This is the next big thing for gaming and we are proud to be leading this. The customer and operator benefits are extremely convincing”.