Key Japanese politicians confirmed for JgC



LONDON (1st May) - The forthcoming Japan Gaming Congress (14th – 16th May, Tokyo) has received a major endorsement with confirmation that three House of Representatives from the LDP Party have been confirmed for the opening key note discussion taking place on Thursday 15th May.  

The three senior and influential politicians comprise Mr. Takeshi Iwaya, Chief Secretary of IR GIREN,  Mr. Koichi Hagiuda, Member, House of Representatives and  Mr. Sakihito Ozawa, Member, House of Representatives. The keynote address, which is being chaired by Fred Gushin, Managing Director of Spectrum Gaming, will outline Japan's framework for regulating land-based gaming including a discussion on what key areas the government is likely to consider during the legislative and regulatory process in order to ensure future progression and sustainability.  

Rory Credland, Senior Producer responsible for Japan Gaming Congress said: "To have one politician is a success but to secure three is a major coup and a fantastic endorsement of May's event.  There is undoubtedly momentum in Japan and JgC is ideally positioned to provide delegates with both insight to the process and access to the decision makers." 

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