Interblock is proud that beginning of new cooperation with French distributor SFC2A company have already shown some results by placing G4 Organic Live Roulette™ in Casino les Pins. Another great installation together with one of the top casino operator in France, company JOA Groupe was carried out in mid-April.


Mr. Bojan Dreven, Regional Sales Manager at Interblock, commented the installation:

“Interblock’s Organic Live Roulette™ is very well positioned on French market, recognized as premium ETG (electronic table game) gaming machine. Casino operators are extremely satisfied with seeing new type of players gain into gaming venues. We would like to thank to Groupe JOA and to our distributor SFC2A for the trust and cooperation to create product set up with perfect performance. We are all looking for new challenges with great hope that gaming regulations in France will change in the future, allowing more games to be provided within ETG gaming machines.”

G4 Organic Live™ is a semi-automated game, offering choice of any traditional game from our selection. Organic Live platform offers players the ability to place wagers electronically on a live wheel operated by a croupier or an Electronic shoe being dealt for a baccarat game. A compact and modern Organic Live Roulette game designed for 6, 7, 9 or 14 players it can be easily integrate into any casino floor.

Mr. Eric Rouziou, Director of Games at Casino Les Pins, added:

“We really believe in this product, it gives the needed diversity in our slot machines room, the warmth between the products and offers a very important sense of community. We can see people from all ages playing together, which is better than playing on isolated slot machines. In addition, the design of Interblock products is very popular with our customers, this way we can bring new customers and it’s the best way to keep them coming back!”