Swiss Casinos partners with SlotGuru to enhance player experiences

London, December 12th 2017: Swiss Casinos today has committed to partnering with SlotGuru, the player education app for slots. Swiss Casinos will actively promote SlotGuru to its players as part of a drive to provide better playing experiences for its customers.

“Providing players with access to crucial game information in a consistent format has been a significant challenge for the operators for some time. The sheer simplicity and ease of use provided by SlotGuru makes it one of the most exciting innovations to hit our industry in recent times and we are delighted to be able to inform our customers of this great new product”, said Patrick Mastai, Director of Security and Technology at Swiss Casinos.

“We are really proud to be one of the very first operators in Europe to offer this to our customers,” Mastai added. “We believe the app will transform the way players interact with slot machines and will help drive increased engagement, personalisation and enjoyment of slots in Swiss Casinos.”

SlotGuru is a multi-functional mobile application that takes the guesswork out of playing slots. It provides players with key information on slot games, including volatility, so they can be confident of having more tailored gaming experiences.

“It is exciting to see that Swiss Casinos is so committed to doing the right thing for their players,” commented Stuart Armstrong, Founder and Director at SlotGuru. “Technology is driving personalisation more than ever before and through SlotGuru, slot players will now be able to have more personalised experiences, whilst engaging and communicating with other slot players everywhere.”

SlotGuru is available free from both the Apple and Google Play app stores. Operators wishing to actively promote SlotGuru to their players can request marketing assets and support directly from SlotGuru.

For further information, please contact SlotGuru at

About SlotGuru

SlotGuru is a free & unique mobile application that educates and empowers players to make better slot decisions every time they play. The SlotGuru service enables slots players to quickly & simply access a wealth of pertinent information, including the game volatility, directly to their mobile phone, to allow them to make more informed choices before they choose a game.