Veikkaus launches new geolottery game using GTECH software



PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island (US) – GTECH’s Proxilotto software has enabled Veikkaus Oy (Veikkaus), the operator of the Finnish National Lottery, to launch its new daily geolottery game. In Finland, the Proxilotto game has been branded as “Naapurit,” which translates to “neighbours” in English.

Players register by purchasing a Player Card or subscribing to tickets from a retailer, on the web, or on mobile. Once a jackpot winner is drawn in a random raffle, a second round of winners is selected among players who live the closest to the original winner. Those geographically closest to the jackpot winner receive larger cash amounts.

Daily draws have been broadcast on live television and live web streams in Finland since May 11, 2014. Proxilotto, an optional feature of GTECH’s Enterprise Series® lottery central system, uses GTECH proprietary multi-point distance logic to determine a “second win class,” so a lottery can select multiple proximity factors to identify additional winners. For Veikkaus’ game, the players’ geographical location is used with GTECH logic in combination with third-party standard web mapping services.

As with the Veikkaus project, the Proxilotto game can also incorporate licensed third-party branding and visual design elements so players in a specific region can seek out their lottery’s familiar look and feel. Lotteries using GTECH’s Enterprise Series lottery central system can easily design other game formats around the Proxilotto logic.