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Welcome to Monaco and the World Gaming Expo 2017

Igor Gamba CEO & Founder ‘World Gaming Expo’ discusses the exciting new Gaming industry exhibition taking place in Monaco later this year with Casino Life Magazine’s Rebecca Green

There are a number of conferences and exhibitions across Europe during the course of the year – what do you think are the key aspects of World Gaming Expo (6th to 8th December) that set it apart from the other events?

Our guide to casino bonuses for savvy players

Everyone loves the concept of bonuses. In our day to day activities, the concepts of getting a little something extra on top of what you already have is expected, and it’s a thrilling concept. The same concept is applicable when it comes to online casinos.

Due to the ever increasing number of online casino websites, competition has forced different sites to introduce innovative bonuses, which give players the same giddy highs! For new bettors, this wide variety of bonuses online might make it difficult for them to choose the best type. It even gets harder and frustrating if one chooses a bonus only to discover that you cannot claim it or you have to meet so many unfavourable terms in order to claim them.

This is why it’s important to understand comprehensively the different type of bonuses before you can actually claim them.

What is a casino bonus?

Congratulations Hippodrome Casino

Glyn Thomas catches up with a very busy Simon Thomas ahead of the Hippodrome’s 5th Anniversary

The Features Every Good New Jersey Online Casino Should Have

Online casinos around the world are all competing to become the number one casino experience online. While many of them offer a top experience for their punters, many of them do not offer sufficient features to make the gambling experience worthwhile. If you’re looking for a new online casino in New Jersey that you can have a fun and profitable experience with, ensure they have the following features to enhance your gambling experience.

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Top Slots You HAVE To Play Right Now

The online slots world is constantly evolving. For those that may have been around at the dawn of the iGaming era, today's spinners may look almost as unfamiliar to you as they do to a complete newbie. Put simply, through a combination of inspiration, innovation and ingenuity, modern online slots now offer a truly immersive experience. Of course, a few classics still thrive in today's feature-filled ecosystem, but the most popular slots are all singing, all dancing affairs and much more complex than games of years gone by. 

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas - Comeback Story

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is back from the brink and roaring louder than ever. By David McKee

3 Trends Highlighted at the iGaming Super Show 2017

Every year’s iGaming trends are different – and while this works to create enough buzz to keep gamers and fans coming back for more, it also works to set the tone for what exactly will be the iGaming focus of the coming year. All gaming shows and conventions, such as Amsterdam’s iGaming Super Show that took place in July, help to feed into the future of gaming, while also reflecting on the natural trends that have been identified.

What is the iGaming Super Show?

European Dealer Championship 2017 review

Glyn Thomas reports back from yet another very enjoyable evening at the Hippodrome Casino

Despite the fact that the European Dealer Championships was an inaugural event for the Hippodrome Casino it was like an old friend returning home. In between hectic schedules and anxious dealers Glyn Thomas caught up with the three keystones of the event - Per Jaldung, Chairman ECA, Tracy Damestani, ”ECA-host” of the championship and Vice-Chair of the ECA along with Simon Thomas, the Chairman of the Hippodrome.

Per Jaldung, European Casino Association Chairman

For Croupiers who would like to enter the EDC 2018 and their casino operation is a member of the ECA but haven’t yet participated, what advice can you provide them? Is it possible to expand the amount of countries and entrants for 2018?

Wagering Your Way To Winnings With Sports Betting And Mobile Bingo Apps

We’ve all had those moments playing in a casino where we wagered a lot of money and lost, and then you wonder whether or not you’ll ever beat the house. It’s tough and there is always a lot on the line. With online gambling, it can be difficult to beat the casino and make more money but there are other options out there for online gambling that could prove to be more beneficial for you.

Two of those methods are sports betting and mobile bingo apps. While a lot of skill and chance is also involved when playing using these methods, they can often increase the chances of you winning money compared to playing in an online casino.

Mobile Bingo Apps

Bingo is one of the most popular gambling games in history. People have enjoyed bingo for decades and it’s more than just a gambling activity, for many people, it’s a great past time to engage in.

Quality Support

Aristidis Tsikouras, Managing Director GeWeTe talks to Glyn Thomas

With the half way mark nearing for 2017 what have been the highlights for you so far this year and what excites you most about the second half of the year?