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Japan’s casino dreams are founded on false hope

Japan has stepped up efforts to liberalise its gambling legislation and cultivate a casino industry, whose potential value has been put at $40 billion by some analysts. However, a poor showing in parliament for new gambling reforms means Japan’s ambitions might be strangled in the crib.

The current political debacle reveals that investors’ buzz around ‘the new Macau’ was groundless from the start. In this article, I will provide an overview of the recent, botched efforts to legalise casino gambling in Japan and demonstrate that the country’s potential as a gambling hot-spot has been drastically overstated.

Novomatic Biometric Systems™

Damien Connelly visited Novomatic’s pilot NBS site in Vienna

“NBS solves so many of the problems of TiTo and cashless, that I wouldn’t go back...NBS is a much better system,” stated Mr. Tekin Aykut, manager of the property where the pilot for NBS (Novomatic Biometric Systems) has been running for almost six months now. During this six months, almost 2,000 customers have registered to use NBS.

Johnny Rockets Universal appeal

How was 2013 for the Johnny Rockets Franchise operations and how is the year ahead shaping up?

Last year (2013) went really well for our Johnny Rockets operations.  As with any business, challenges were present everywhere like the rise of competition in the food industry, price sensitivity related concerns of the consumers, increasing price of the raw materials, not enough excellent real estate for the brand to expand and domestic economic related matters.  Even with so many challenges as mentioned above in the food industry, we view the future very positively and are still planning on expanding the brand in the Philippines.

What age group would you say are you seeing most growth in patrons to your Johnny Rockets Franchises?

Plentiful Potential

What has been the reaction to the opening of Lola’s Underground Casino.

I have to admit, the wholly positive reaction when we opened the doors to Lola’s even flummoxed me a little, and I knew what was behind them!

It’s worked wonderfully because we’re delivering both a new type of customer to the Hippodrome while delighting our existing visitors because it gives them another alternative area to explore. And people are staying longer, up to 50% longer than the average dwell time.

The Extreme Casino Makeover

Chris Moore reflects on his expirences in the Casino industry during his time in the former Eastern Block.

If we look back to 2007, initial expansion started from the casino's then 43,000 sq ft, expanding it to over 115,000 sq ft followed by a further development that added 7,000 sq ft to provide a full service nonsmoking casino for guests, plus in 2010 the 108-room 160,000 sq ft hotel was added. That all added up to over 300,000 sq ft of entertainment fun and excitement, but you haven't stopped there – further development has been undertaken. Can you provide details on how the enterprise is operating in 2013/2014?

Total Entertainment Experience

Glyn Thomas chats to with Richard Noble Chief Operating Officer at Aspers Group Limited.

Recollections - Heading East

Chris Moore reflects on his expirences in the Casino industry during his time in the former Eastern Block.

Manila Bay Resorts ‘Real-Life Wonderland ‘

Peter White chats with Executive Vice President – Casino Operations and Marketing Matt Hurst Tiger Resort, Leisure & Entertainment Inc.

Universal Entertainment has managed steady growth over its 45 years, with its founder & Chairman of the Board Kazuo Okada, still at the forefront of the organisations expansion; one can see that the organisation has been founded on very strong ideology.

Manila Bay Resorts is the first integrated resort project of Mr. Okada, and we aim to be the innovative global leader in gaming and entertainment resorts.

Is there a date yet for the opening of the Manila Bay Resort.

Quality Preserved

Zackary Milardo President of Preserved Interiors of San Diego takes time out to chat to Chris Sanson.


When was the company founded & what was your inspiration behind setting up the company?