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Changing the Odds?


With an all-party parliamentary committee looking into the effect of FOBTs, are we going to see change on the high street? We talk to the key groups on either side of the divide for their opinions. By: Glyn Thomas

Carolyn Harris, Member of Parliament 

Why have you set up an All Party Group inquiry into FOBTs?

Increase Your Chances of Winning a Progressive Jackpot

As soon as a casino game player starts taking a look at the slot games on offer to them at any casino site they have chosen to sign up to and log into, they are going to be tempted to play some of the many different slots offering a progressive jackpot.

There are of course hundreds of progressive jackpot slot games you can play online, however the vast majority of them only offer players the chance of winning one jackpot, and when playing such  slots the actual odds of your lining up the jackpot paying winning combination of reel symbols are huge!

However, what you may be blissfully unaware of is that there are several recently launched slot games that offer players the chance of winning not one single jackpot but several progressive jackpots. Also the way that many of those slots award their jackpots is quite different to anything you may have come across before.

The Best Smartphone + VR set combinations for Casino Gaming

Let’s be honest, most mobile casino games aren’t that hardware intensive – and that’s part of their appeal; the ability to run them on just about anything is one of the reason poker, blackjack and roulette are the go-to hobby for many commuters, armchair gamers, and people escaping the rain and reality by staying in bed.

However, the development of games that utilize virtual reality (VR) as a gameplay mechanic, placing the player in a digital casino with their competitors, means that you might need a phone with a little more horsepower in the future.

Experience, Explore & Enjoy

Michael Kelly, Executive Chairman, The Grand Ho Tram Resort Casino Vietnam, chats to Bill Healey

We are fortunate to speak with an esteemed industry veteran Michael Kelly, Executive Chairman of Asian Coast Development Limited and Ho Tram Project Company Ltd. At The Ho Tram Strip development he oversees the operation of the existing integrated resort (The Grand) and golf course (The Bluffs) as well as future developments at the 2.2 kilometre beachfront site that will include a second integrated resort, three additional five star resorts, an extensive residential offering and further entertainment activities.

Australia's new casino boom

Australia's casino landscape is set to change significantly over the next five years, with two major new casinos set to open and the possibility of as many as 2-3 others beginning construction.

Sydney, Australia's largest city, has a second casino under construction which will be ready to open by 2021 at Barangaroo. The $2 billion project will feature a VIP casino operated by Crown Resorts, which already operates casinos in Melbourne and Sydney.

Final approval for the project was granted in June this year, with a 350-room hotel also planned for the site, which overlooks Sydney Harbour.

While the new Sydney casino will compete with the monopoly enjoyed by The Star, the operator of that casino, The Star Entertainment Group, is behind the new $2.9 billion Queen's Wharf development in Brisbane, which is set to open in 2022.

Video Slots - A Healthy and Proven Psychological Increase in Fun

Virtual reality is the new technology that excites all industries including architecture for being able to provide buyers with a link allowing them to walk through properties thousands of miles away, wand, as a result, can increase international investing opportunities. In gaming, players who love first shooter games can now be part of the action like never before and when it comes to designing of clothes,

Levi's have already started creating jeans according to body shapes submitted via images taken with 360-degree footage thereby allowing clients to advise on anything from adjustments to design or other details While for elderly patients, the medical advantages are probably most important to increase physical health and a recent a Yale study has found some great benefits from online gambling for elderly Americans.

Gambling Is Good For Your Health

Freestyle Cruising

Jim Abbas, Sr. Vice President of Casino Operations at Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. chats with Steve Karoul

Jim, you have been with Norwegian Cruise Lines since 2008. You have created some really great casino experiences on board the ships that you oversee. Can you please tell our readers about yourself including past experience in the casino industry and how you migrated from land-based casinos to on-board casinos and what you feel are the big differences?

The Multi-Provider Online Casino

An increase in the popularity of online casinos over the past decade has not remained unnoticed, and this has certainly led to a shift in power with the emergence of numerous big game providers. Most online casinos use just a single game provider, and this can be quite monotonous and boring for players as all the games are quite alike.

Optimal Player Satisfaction

Kubilay Özer, Global Sales Director, APEX Gaming speaks to Rebecca Green

How was 2015 for Apex Gaming and how has 2016 been so far?
2015 was a focal year. Our goal was to further strengthen our product range – to provide even better and more 
entertaining gaming solutions. We set the goal high – as our credo is to take gaming to the next level. We spent much time talking with and listening to our customers. 2015 was the year where we widely expanded our product range and 

The 7 Sultans Online Casino App is finally available at ITunes


With the 7 Sultans Online Casino App finally available at ITunes, this casino is going to get so much more business than it did previously. Many people have never even heard of the 7 Sultans online casino in spite of the fact that it has actually been in operation since the year 1998.

Websites in all different industries that have existed since the 1990's and that are still in operation today have watched lots of different things happen over the course of their unusually long existences. Many websites barely make it through a single decade and lots of them fail within a year, so the websites that last for a really long time manage to go through stages that don't even exist for the younger ones that die young.