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The Return Of The Classic Cellphone

The Return Of The Classic Cellphone

Nokia 3310, a name that was once synonymous cellphone. The original mobile phone so to speak. This device that might as well be credited with pushing mobile phone penetration. Although other telecommunications giants also had cheap, reliable and easy to use phones. But none of them had all those all these elements rolled in one. Nokia went on to become the largest vendor of mobile phones riding on the back on this model and many other phones designed around the model. 17 or so years down the road what has caused the return of the classic cellphone? After Nokia had nearly disappeared from the market as a mobile phone brand. And yet the brand resurfaces with one of the best-selling phones of all time.

Play Your Cards Right

JJ Woods sits down with Adrian Ballard, Owner/Director Casino 36 Wolverhampton to discuss his newly refurbished Casino

I would like to commence this interview with congratulations on the refurbishment of the Rubicon Casino and its new name Casino 36. So this would be a good opportunity to start an
insight into your career in the Casino Industry?

The History of Slot Machines


Walk into any casino and you will see lines and lines of slot machines being fed constantly by ardent gamers. Slots have also found their way into almost every pub, takeaway and taxi office in the UK, tempting us to give them a spin with their flashing lights and promises of big payouts. But where did slot machines come from, how did slots evolve, and why do they have such a strange range of symbols on them?



The Most Popular Slot Games

Who doesn’t love a good slot game? They’re one of the most popular casino-based games now found online.

They appeal to so many players due to their accessibility and range; there is quite literally a slot game out there that will appeal to everyone no matter what their taste.

Many popular brands, celebrities, movies, TV shows, cartoon characters, historical events and even superheroes all now have their own slot game for players to enjoy each with their own special features and bonuses.

Whilst some may love 3 reel games, others might enjoy a 5-reel experience. Some might feel more comfortable with a simple and familiar fruit-based slot game whilst others might be looking for a more all-singing, all-dancing game with an attractive progressive jackpot.

Here are just some of the more popular slots currently available.

Expert Tips for Your First Casino Experience

Whether playing online or visiting a traditional bricks-and-mortar venue, visiting a casino for the first time can be a daunting experience. Especially in a land-based casino, everything can seem fast-paced and confusing, with little done to explain to new players what is where, how each game is played, where to make a deposit and how to order a drink - while online, the sheer number of games and betting options available can be rather overwhelming.

While it's likely at some point during your first visit that you make a simple mistake, be it finding yourself in the wrong poker room or mistaking your chips when betting on roulette, there are some steps you can take to give yourself the best chance of enjoying your first casino experience. 

Get to know your casino

Cool Ways to Increase Retention in Games

Hook, line and sinker – the tricks of the trade!

Retention is the Name of the Game

Of all the metrics out there in the gaming world, retention ranks atop the pile. Retention can keep a game alive for decades, and it is the ideal way to generate ongoing revenue streams. In the competitive online gaming arena, various design hooks have been employed to captivate the attention of players and to maximize retention. Kicking off proceedings is maximum immersion from the get-go. All games need to be captivating and exciting from the moment the user logs in and starts playing. If the game appears to be boring, slow, or unavailable off-line, users may be turned off. You never get a second chance to make a good first impression as the old saying goes.

Keep the Player Informed About What’s Going On

The Choice is Endless

From the days when gambling online, or gambling at all for that matter, was depicted as rather shady to today, where millions of people enjoy a bet or wager either in a bricks and mortar or online regularly, slots have always been popular.

Because of the rapid advancement by software developers together with the design features of the hardware, we can now buy relatively cheaply, a whole range of mobile devices on different operating systems to suit our needs. This advancement has been further enhanced by the more reliable and faster internet connection most people enjoy today.

This means if you are going to play online slots then your experience will be nothing like it was in the early days. If you can wind back before we had anything like the smartphone then you will probably remember the Nokia and 'Snake'?  In fact you can still get Snake on your smartphone if you are feeling nostalgic!

A Perfect Holiday Destination

Sophie Behan chats to Ricky (F.) Tromp, Director of Casino Operations at Hyatt Regency Aruba Resort Spa & Casino and Chairman for the Aruba Casino Association

When did the Casino first open and who opened it?

The Casino first opened on November 12, 1990 and was inaugurated by our GM Mr. Carlos Cabrera, nowadays SVP - All Inclusive Operations Regional Operations.

Have you met many famous and/or interesting people that have visited the casino? If so who? What, if any, memorable moments do you have of that time?

We had the honour to host many famous soccer players from the Netherlands, as well as celebrities from the USA. On an annual basis we support and sponsor several music festivals, such as Soul Beach Music Festival, Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival and Summer Festival that bring many celebrities to the destination.

Play Your Cards right


Denmark’s online casino market has continued to evolve with several changes made to the Danish Gambling Act.