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Winning Reductions

Casino Life spoke to Mark Muscat, Administration Manager, Dragonara Casino Malta

Even if a Casino operation is making a profit, it still has to manage its cash handling effectively as any drop-in efficiency can have a decisive effect on profit. During a major refurbishment of the Dragonara Malta Casino earlier this year, Giesecke & Devrient installed a cash handling solution in the Casino’s count room, with impressive results, as Dragonara’s Mark Muscat explained to Casino Life. During the planning stage, what did you and your department decide was the most cost effective and efficient approach to financial transaction cash handling operations?
At the planning stage, we mapped out the requirements on the basis of efficiency and effectiveness of the system. From an efficiency perspective, the objective was to perform ‘counts’ with less human intervention which meant reducing

VR Gambling Expected to grow by 800%

Although we’ve yet to access the first Virtual Reality casino; experts are predicting that online gambling will grow by 800% by 2021. To an extent, the existing online casino experience can be considered Virtual Reality and the figures are set to rocket courtesy of the casino favourites: the high rollers.

A report released in mid-February suggests that VR gambling will grow from just over £47 million this year to an inordinate £418 million by 2021 and most of the increases will be stimulated by the current crop, and the future, high rolling gamblers.

VR is predicted to be the next big step in gaming and has been awaited for some time. From the earliest gaming offerings, right up to the most modern 4K efforts – nothing is going to compare to the impact of VR according to the experts; especially where gambling is concerned.

The Entertainment Business

Patrick Noakes, Venue Director Victoria Gate Casino, chats to Glyn Thomas

Who are Global Gaming Ventures?

Global Gaming Ventures (Developments) Limited (GGV) is a privately owned UK casino development company. The business was established several years ago by Tony Wollenberg (a gaming industry lawyer and entrepreneur), who was later joined by Andrew Herd (formerly of Aspinalls/Aspers). GGV is backed by a leading US private equity firm.

Creating an enjoyable fun and relaxed environment is an important factor in Leisure and entertainment venues. What kind of investment has Victoria Gate Casino made into the likes of audio-visual & lighting equipment at the Casino?

The lighting (internal and external) plays a huge part in managing the atmosphere and defining the ambience of an area. The AV outputs need to be carefully tailored to match the mood of the occasion, the time of day and the external light.

Why Smartphones are Taking the Casino World by Storm

There once was a time when the only time to enjoy a game of roulette, Slots, Poker or BlackJack would be donning your penguin suit and spending a fortune at your local casino.

Although a trip to a casino is a very enjoyable experience (especially as the attire laws are somewhat more relaxed these days) the advancement of Smartphones has made the casino world just a tap away.

Three years ago, the Guardian published an article stating that there are 20 million active monthly mobile gamers in the UK with 6.2m playing games on a smartphone every day.

Win real money playing free slots with no deposit

  • Free slots vs real money slots
  • How to win real money playing free slots
  • How to claim your promotions
  • Conclusions

Free Slots vs real money slots (h2)

Gambling is extremely fun, but we all saw in those old movies about Italian gangsters that only the wealthy can afford this type of fun. In reality, we can all enjoy a nice gambling session, but we all want to win money without exposing ourselves to the risk of losing any.

Unfortunately, in land-based casinos, this is not possible. Therefore, one of the reasons online casinos were created is to allow everyone to play any casino game without emptying their wallets. The downside, however, is that free slots only give you the illusion of winning, since you cannot withdraw a single coin of that huge prize you just won.

The Most Profitable Marketing Channels For Casino Operators

Luke Ormerod of gaming-focused marketing agency Blueclaw shares his insight into the most effective ways for casino operators to drive profit

All You Need To Know About Free Spins Bonuses

Free spins bonuses are the most preferred bonuses when it comes to online gambling. Even though the free spins bonuses can be independent, they were invented as a way of promoting certain casinos online. It's not a fundamental criterion, though since they are mostly used by casinos in order to welcome the newcomers or encourage them to sign up on their website. But, for those who are new to the casino world and need a little more clarification, I will explain exactly what free spins bonuses are and how they can help you enjoy your experience playing an online casino.

What exactly are free spins bonuses?

Winning Tips for Mobile Gaming

For the last several years, the number of people who play and enjoy online bingo has grown exponentially.  Part of the reason for this trend is the number of devices that offer mobile gaming apps to play their favorite games.  Mobile gaming gives users the ability to play anytime and anywhere they choose.

Whether you want to play chess, solitaire, or the latest fantasy game, you’re sure to find a mobile app for it.   Most smartphones, tablets and equivalent devices such as Amazon’s Kindle, have pre-loaded games on them.   These can range from the usual games offered on a device such as solitaire, freecell or chess to newer, more popular games.

Free Downloads Everywhere You Look!

Marina Bay Sands


Interview with Andrew MacDonald, Corporate Senior Vice President and Chief Casino Officer at Las Vegas Sands Corporation, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore By: Victor H Royer

I remember the first time I was in Singapore. It was 1969, and I was a sprightly young lad, still quite unsure of many things in life, and all too eager to experience it – all of it – and everything else in between. We arrived there in July, from Europe, via Iraq, Iran, and India. By the time we arrived at the famed Raffles Hotel, I considered myself a man of the world – although, as I said, I was still far from a man in the truest sense of the word – worldly, or not.

iGaming In 2017: Global Trends to Watch Out for

Placed in the context of the gaming world, iGaming is one hell of a big beast. Millions of people across the globe consistently play bingo, casino, poker, and place bets online, and current estimates tip the European iGaming market alone to be worth a reported $15 billion. Despite the scale of the industry, there is no indication that growth is slowing, with 2017 set to be another bumper year for the industry. 

Predicting trends is, of course, never an exact science, but here are some potential highlights to look out for as 2017 progresses in this most exciting and fast-moving of industries. 

Canada to Lead the Way with Expansion and Growth