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Casinos That Allow Deposits by Phone

Many casino game players like to low roll, and one problem that many such players can experience is finding a low cost way of funding their mobile casino accounts.

If you choose to make a deposit for example using a credit card then you are going to be hit with cash advance fees and interest charges on those deposits. Even when you use a web or e-wallet such as Neteller or Skrill you will find there are going to be fees associated with topping up those accounts, even before you transfer your money into a mobile casino site!

However, many casino operators know a large percentage of their players are low rollers who are looking for very cost effective and highly secure ways of funding their mobile casino accounts and as such you will find many mobile casinos will offer you something known as a pay by phone billing option.

On the Radar

Eduard Blonk, Managing Director Sales, Sportradar chats during G2E Las Vegas to Peter White

Sportradar’s story is one of significant growth, especially in recent years. Can you give us an insight into how you have got to where you are today and what has been the philosophy behind it?

How To Play A Card Based Game “Stravaganza” On Online Casino

New and more thrilling online casino games are developed every day. One of the most recently launched games that has received the hype it genuinely deserves is the extravaganza. Everyone is looking online for trips on how to be the ace extravaganza player. That’s why we made this informative piece to help you out.

There are hundreds of online casino games on Arabic Casino. Most of them are slots and very few of them are card based. Stravaganza is the latest card based game that has taken over the online gaming world by a storm mainly because of its thrilling gameplay.

The most unique thing about this game is that it blends aspects of two most eminent casino games; typical casino poker and blackjack. In this article, we take you through the gaming tips for this interesting game.

The Game Setup

Building upon Success

Duncan Savage Managing Director Rainbow Casino chats to Rebecca Green

Rainbow Casino Cardiff’s re-opening launch night was a true success! A superb night was had by all who attended to see the impressive new destination, which is taking leisure entertainment and traditional casino offerings to new heights. Prior to the commencement of festivities Duncan Savage, Managing Director Rainbow Casinos, sat down with Rebecca Green, Correspondent Casino Life, to discuss Cardiff’s impressive entertainment venue.

Multi-Wheel Roulette Adds a New Dimension to a Classic Game

Most consumers are aware that the online casinos business has become huge in the last few years and the demographics of those who now enjoy a regular flutter at their favourite virtual casino are now more varied than ever.

People have become regulars at online casinos because they can sample a game before committing any funds, they can keep track of their gaming stats, they have 24-hour access to games and they are able to focus on the game in the comfort of their own home or favourite coffee shop without any distractions. 

Never stop improving

How would you assess the performance of the company over the past year?
Cammegh has enjoyed our most successful year in our company’s history. Our customer base is more diversified than ever before, our sales turnover is higher than ever before,
with a marked increase in sales in North America, and our product range has never been more relevant to the industry as a whole. Both our live gaming and on-line offers are uniquely
adapted for these increasingly specialised sectors, and the growth we have experienced in the last 12 months reflects this.
How important is maintaining the relationship between Cammegh and the Casino operations that you supply?

The Top Trends for the Future of Affiliate Gambling Marketing

Over the years Affiliate marketing has become a vital cog in the way that businesses attract and acquire new visitors and customers. This is why affiliate marketers in the online casino games industry have to be quick to understand and respond to what is a constantly changing marketing landscape. So much has changed already in the recent past including an increased focus on authoritative content and mobile compatibility, but other challenges are still to come and anyone involved in the sector needs to be ready. Check out the list below to find out the top trends for the future of affiliate marketing:

Content Will Still be king

Making No Deposit Free Bet Offers Worthwhile for Players and Online Casinos

Online casinos are a profitable business, they may work to tiny margins but a ‘locked-in’ player can and will drip-feed a tidy revenue into a casino over time.

Consequently, like all good businesses, more and more companies are throwing their hat into the ring and joining the online casino merry-go-round hoping they have what it takes to attract new customers and keep them.

Traditionally brick-and-mortar casinos spent all their time and effort in keeping their customers loyal.  Online casinos took that a step further by focusing on new customers and attracting them with tasty ‘sign-up bonuses’ which also work to ‘lock in’ new players who have to dedicate some substantial game play hours to receive the sign-up bonus in full.

But now all online casinos are offering sign-up bonuses and operators have been forced to pull a new offer out of their bag and that is ‘No Deposit Free Bets’

Changing the Odds?


With an all-party parliamentary committee looking into the effect of FOBTs, are we going to see change on the high street? We talk to the key groups on either side of the divide for their opinions. By: Glyn Thomas

Carolyn Harris, Member of Parliament 

Why have you set up an All Party Group inquiry into FOBTs?

Increase Your Chances of Winning a Progressive Jackpot

As soon as a casino game player starts taking a look at the slot games on offer to them at any casino site they have chosen to sign up to and log into, they are going to be tempted to play some of the many different slots offering a progressive jackpot.

There are of course hundreds of progressive jackpot slot games you can play online, however the vast majority of them only offer players the chance of winning one jackpot, and when playing such  slots the actual odds of your lining up the jackpot paying winning combination of reel symbols are huge!

However, what you may be blissfully unaware of is that there are several recently launched slot games that offer players the chance of winning not one single jackpot but several progressive jackpots. Also the way that many of those slots award their jackpots is quite different to anything you may have come across before.