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An open letter to the UK Government Richard Noble, speaking on behalf of the National Casino Forum




Dear Secretary of State,

As Chief Operating Officer at Aspers Casino, I sit on the strategy board of the UK casino trade association, the National Casino Forum (NCF) on whose behalf I now write. As you know, NCF represents all of the land-based casino operators in the UK. This also includes large scale operators like Genting and Grosvenor, independents such as the Hippodrome and Ritz Club and other high-end Mayfair casinos, as well as mid-range regional casinos.

As we have discussed with you, NCF is seeking simple legislative changes that will allow the casino sector to respond to customer demand, boost tourism and keep up with technological advances, whilst remaining at the vanguard of socially responsible gambling. Many of these proposals echo the recommendations of the Culture, Media and Sport’s Select Committee’s report into the working of the Gambling Act (The Gambling Act 2005: A bet worth taking, 2012).

Do Land Based Casinos Maximise Value From Their Poker Market?

Analysing the casino poker arena: by Carl “The Dean” Sampson

The game of poker in all of its various forms has been with us since the days of the old Wild West and frontier towns. The game has steadily grown in that time and it took the legendary heads up match between three-time World Poker Champion Johnny Moss and the prolific gambler Nick “The Greek” Dandalos to really drive the game forward. Then we had the arrival of the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas in the early 1970s and poker started to gain momentum.

For the Games People Play

Peter White chats to Harald Kaiblinger Managing Director 8 UnlimtedRRD Ltd

Your organisation has been involved with many projects for major names in the gaming sector; indeed, the list is a veritable who’s who of the industry. What were their reasons for choosing your organisation from among other operators in this highly competitive sector?

Their reasons for choosing us include our ability to deliver new and unique ideas and concepts; our ability to acquire efficient and experienced resources; evidence of past successful execution and delivery of complex projects; our integrity and honesty.

Enjoy Playing These Popular Casino Games in your PC

Online gaming options; By Greg Montani

The Internet has given us access to almost everything we can think of. If you find yourself itching to go to Vegas or casino near you, you might want to think twice. You can actually play your favorite games now right in your personal computer without having to leave the comfort of your own home. If you are a resident of Canada, you might want to check out the awesome casino games at CasinoCanada.Online. If you are from someplace else, we have prepare a list of three awesome games you can enjoy in your free time.


Let The Fun Begin

Glyn Thomas attended the recent opening of the impressive Olympic Entertainment Casino Tallinn

Interview with Arman Karu Chairman of the Board at Olympic Entertainment Group and Madis Jaager  CEO at Olympic Entertainment Group

Casino Life was the only trade media who attended the opening--thank you for inviting us. We saw a varied mix of people at the opening party. What customers are being targeted?

Ice In The Desert

The ‘Foley’ of Ice Hockey in Las Vegas. By Victor H. Royer

In the third week of June, we broke several heat records here in Las Vegas. In some neighbourhoods – like mine – the temperature exceeded 120 degrees Fahrenheit. And don’t ask me what that is in Celsius! All Americans think that the decimal system should be discontinued entirely, because it is so confusing.

But – not to be outdone or upstaged – in yet another brilliant move, the billionaires and their corporate cronies and various money fund gurus from Wall Street, decided to put an Ice Hockey team into Las Vegas! I can just see the founding fathers of Las Vegas turning over in their graves! Who would have thought it? Ever?

But this was not an off-the-cuff moment.

Gaming School

Marcello Cascone, owner and Training Manager of Turin based gaming school. Interview by David McKee

Generally, training is not an easy task. It requires a mix of knowledge, passion and sacrifice. And training staff for the casino industry is not an easy task at all. You have always to keep in mind one basic thing: your customer during the training is not actually your student but the casino in which your trainee will start his/her career, with the added possibility that he or she could be in a managerial position inside the company in the near future.

Why are Classic Casino Games still the Most Popular?

The gaming industry is one that is driven by a unique meld of trends and patterns, which traverse the diametrically opposed worlds of tradition and innovation. So while developers are always striving to create something new and exciting, the majority of titles are built on classic, gaming patterns.

This is reflected through various cycles in history, which have seen recurring trends across several generations. These trends also reoccur across different gaming genres, with the online casino market providing a prominent example. Even though this is one of the most innovative markets available, the virtual casino platform cannot escape its roots or the gaming patterns of the past.

How Classic Casino Gaming Patterns continue to reign supreme

Inspire by Mohegan Sun

Follow-up Interview with Bobby Soper President & CEO, Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority. By Steve Karoul

It is a pleasure to follow up with you to learn more about your massive new casino project in Korea. Our readers were very intrigued after our last interview with you about the Mohegan Sun Casino to learn more about your international expansion into Korea. To our knowledge, there are very few Native American Tribes looking to expand on a global basis. Therefore, it would be helpful if you could explain to our readers some of the background and history about both the Mohegan Sun Casino as well as the responsibilities of the Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority and the role that both you and they played in the decision to seek out international casino opportunities as opposed to just focusing on opportunities within the United States?

Understanding Blackjack Odds And Winning Strategies

We all know Blackjack is a simple, fun casino game but casual players may not realise just how much can be won from playing.

It may seem as though you can’t do much with a bad hand or as though you are guaranteed a big win from a five card tick or traditional winning hand but that isn’t always the case – a little strategy goes a long way. Take this Blackjack guide from 888casino for an example, it offers both beginners and novices further insight in how to profit from the game.